Calf augmentation or calf implants is a cosmetic procedure which adds fullness to the lower part of the leg. The implant gives the appearance of muscle tone and can sculpt the lower leg and correct imbalance of the muscles.

Some people experience calf development which is not in proportion to their legs, or have bow legs or extremely thin legs and these are the people the procedure is designed to help. This procedure can also be beneficial after an illness (neurological, polio or similar) or an injury.

The implants are usually silicone and should feel the same as a well developed calf muscle.

The Risks:

  • Imprecise placement of implant
  • Movement of implant
  • Asymmetry
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Hardening of scar tissue

If you have suffered from any of the above issues or if you are suffering any other problems after undergoing a thigh or buttock lift, contact our all-female specialist team and they will be able to talk to you about your issues and discuss if you have a claim for compensation.

As well as claiming or any pain, suffering and inconvenience, you may be able to claim back additional costs such as:

Remedial surgery – if you have to have your surgery corrected, the additional cost involved could form part of the claim against the surgeon or company that carried out the original operation

Loss of income – if you need to take additional days off work or you are unable to go back to work due to the negligence of the surgeon or company carrying out the procedure, your loss of income will form part of your claim.

There is no need to be embarrassed or worried. We speak to women in your position every day and will discuss your case with you in the strictest confidence.

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